Isabel Fiel

Isabel is a NASM certified personal trainer. Since earning her credentials in 2018, Isabel's own fitness odyssey, sparked by her debut in bodybuilding, has fueled her passion for optimal well-being. By embracing nutritious nourishment and consistent exercise, she's not only transformed herself but is dedicated to guiding you on the same empowering path.

Through her own personal victories and assisting friends and family, Isabel has honed her expertise, specializing in invigorating strength training. Yet, her approach transcends physical gains, as she firmly believes in exercise as a holistic catalyst. It instills discipline, nurtures emotional wellness, and fosters self-confidence, painting a broader picture of a vibrant life. Her goal? To empower you to seamlessly integrate health, wellness, and fitness into your daily narrative.

Off the training floor, Isabel unwinds by connecting with loved ones and embarking on escapades, be it in local havens or distant discoveries. Her favorite relaxation? Leisurely strolls in the park or along serene lakeshores. With an adventurous palate, she loves exploring new culinary horizons and crafting delightful dishes from Pinterest's treasure trove of recipes. Step aboard with Isabel, and embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier, more vibrant you.

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