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Private Training

Private Training

Introductory Offer

Welcome to Perez Personal Training! If you're new to our services, we have a special introductory offer just for you. Get to know us with …

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Single Training Session

Experience the ultimate personalized training session with Perez Personal Training. In our 60-minute session, we provide you with …

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Membership Program

Welcome to Perez Personal Training's Membership Program! We're excited to offer you the convenience and flexibility of a hybrid program …

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Personal Training Variety

Training Methods & Specialties

Training Methods & Specialties

ParkinsonWise Certified

Tabata Bootcamp

Pilates Reformer

Pre & Post Natal

​Online Training

Sport Specific

Senior Fitness

Corrective Exercise

Super Slow

Pilates Mat




Behavior Change Specialist

Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs

The Healthy Plate Meal Plan Download

If you're looking for a convenient way to …

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Healthy Plate 6-week Nutrition Bootcamp With …

Nourish your body and boost your overall …

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Plant-based Power Recipes

Discover the flavorful world of plant-based …

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Gift Card

Perez Personal Training located in Santa Rosa, …

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