Personal Training for People with Parkinson's

Personal Training for People with Parkinson's specialized programming

Three private 60-minute sessions for $189 with a certified ParkinsonWise Coach.

About The Program

Our certified ParkinsonWise coaches create a fun, personalized fitness program that can be easily implemented into a daily lifestyle.

Exercise and movement are especially effective in delaying the progression of PD symptoms, in reducing the impact of symptoms, and increasing general well-being. The ideal is to have comprehensive and ongoing exercise and movement services available both in the medical setting and in the community at large. The challenge is having educated professionals in the community who are familiar with the multi-faceted issues faced by people with Parkinson's disease and can be effective additions to the patient's total treatment team.

Additional Information

Our Parkinson's Program sessions can be done in person at our private studio in Railroad Square, virtually from your home, or a combination of both based on your individual needs.

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