You might be asking yourself, "Why should I use a personal trainer? What are the advantages and benefits of having a personal trainer? Can't I just workout on my own?" The answer is of course yes, you can work out on your own and in fact, we encourage it! However, with the help of a certified personal trainer, you can learn the proper form for each exercise in order to reduce the chance of injury compared to non-supervised exercise. Your personal trainer can also create an effective workout plan for you so that you can reach your goals and see the results you're looking for in as little of a commitment as twice a week.

We understand that meeting with a personal trainer for the first time might be a little intimidating, but we don't want to make you to feel that way. We want to help build your confidence in every aspect of life starting with walking through our doors. We are a private personal training studio and pride ourselves in creating a safe space for everyone. And we love meeting new clients!

So here's what to expect when meeting with a personal trainer for the first time:

First, we go through an intake form with you. This is so that we can learn more about you! We want to learn not only your goals, concerns, likes and dislikes when it comes to exercise, but also your health status. We want you to feel good each and every time you work out with us. We'll also take measurements and have you perform some easy physical tests (nothing fancy or hard) so that we can start you from exactly where you are. Starting from where you are is essential in making sure that you feel good after your workouts, that your workouts are effective, and that they're fun enough that you look forward to doing them! Yes, we tend to work magic like that.

Helping people improve their lives. The Perez Personal Training team is a group of professionals working with you to help you reach your goals.

Jennifer Perez, NASM CPT, NASM Nutrition Specialist, ACE GF, W.I.T.S. Educator

Jennifer has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a nationally certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer presenting multiple formats and training clients internationally. She is currently the owner of Perez Personal Training, the Fitness Director at Coaches' Corner health club and teaches the W.I.T.S. Personal Training certification course at Sonoma State University. She is a NASM mentor and a PANC (Parkinsons Association of Northern California) trainer. Her certifications include the American Counsel on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine nutrition specialist and personal trainer as well as Pilates, Zumba, TRX and Les Mills.

Jennifer's extensive background in health and fitness includes National Aerobic Competitor, international competitive dance teams, regional manager of health clubs, fitness presenter, and trainer for instructors and private clients. She brings her clients an extensive background in physical therapy, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, senior fitness, youth personal training and coaching, nutrition, anatomy, physiology and dance.

Virtual and remote sessions are both options. Online and even at the beach with our trainer Marta!

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