Leading Personal Training Studio in Santa Rosa

Leading Personal Training Studio in Santa Rosa

Welcome to Perez Personal Training, your trusted personal trainer in Santa Rosa.

We're not your average fitness studio and we are definitely not a "gym". Our unique approach focuses on creating a healthy lifestyle through meaningful connections.

Our core values of purpose, passion, and impact drive us. 

We aim to end physical and mental suffering by positively impacting lives through health and fitness. We play a critical role in empowering people to maintain their basic health, prevent chronic and acute illness and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Our nationally certified and highly experienced coaches specialize in training people ranging from professional athletes to those with restrictions like Parkinson's Disease to Autism.  

We're dedicated to improving their quality of life through targeted exercise programs. 

While you can work out on your own, our certified trainers ensure proper form, reducing the risk of injury and provide much-needed accountability. We create personalized workout plans to help you reach your goals, with as little as a once-a-week commitment when combined with homework.

Our studio is a safe and welcoming space. We're here to build your confidence, starting from the moment you walk through our doors. 

We love meeting new clients like you! During your first session, we'll understand your goals, concerns, and health status. We take measurements and conduct simple tests to start your training at the right level, making your workouts effective and enjoyable.

Transform your life with Perez Personal Training. Contact us at (707) 536-1778 or schedule a free consultation here. Let's connect and embark on your fitness journey together.