Kurt Duerksen

NASM CPT & Nutrition Coach

Kurt Duerksen, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, is a firm believer in the transformative power of fitness. With a lifelong journey in fitness and a successful career as a software engineer, Kurt made a courageous decision to follow his passion and become a dedicated personal trainer. With a focus on tailored workouts, Kurt guides clients through challenging yet approachable exercise routines, ensuring every part of their body and cardiovascular system is engaged within their abilities. Safety and steady progress are paramount to Kurt, as he provides unwavering physical and mental support to prevent injuries and promote consistent growth.

Having battled celiac disease himself, Kurt's personal experience heightened his focus on nutrition. With over six years of gluten-free meal preparation to support his health and fitness goals, he obtained the NASM Certified Nutrition Coach title in 2022. This additional expertise allows him to assist clients in achieving their dietary objectives and adapting to necessary dietary changes.

Outside of training, Kurt finds solace in the great outdoors, exploring local parks and trails through walks and hikes. He is an avid supporter of local animal shelters and enjoys the companionship of his feline friend, Trixie. With decades of experience in cycling, tennis, and resistance exercise, Kurt's passion for fitness permeates every aspect of his life. His unwavering commitment to unlocking clients' potential and fostering healthier lives through fitness and nutrition is at the core of his coaching philosophy.


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